What Is Matched Betting ?

You may ask, “What is Matched Betting?” Here I will explain.
Matched Betting is defined as the process of converting a Bookmaker offer into withdrawable risk free cash.

Bookmakers are constantly offering special promotions to try and get gamblers to bet with them , offering such deals as “Bet £50 and get £50”. Using  tools provided we complete this promotion by backing and laying an event to make risk free money. It is a faultless way of risk free profits and it’s also very lucrative.

There is no gambling involved in Matched Betting whatsoever, as we bet on all outcomes of a result, so you are completely safe. I have added a picture below and a three stage basic tutorial to show just how matched betting works.


Isn’t It Just Gambling?

You are not gambling at any point. Matched Betting is perfectly safe, there is no gambling involved and your funds are 100% Secure and I can guarantee you will make money. You cover every outcome, so you will be betting that your team will win, aswell as betting (laying) that they won’t win.

Gambling is a serious game, the team that you bet on must win. There is no value as bookmakers fully control odds, meaning they will always have the upper hand. I have gambled in the past, very unsuccessfully however so I am now very glad to be making a guaranteed income from them! I can say there is nothing worse than losing your hard earned money, and I have created a table showing how my life, and personal aspects of my life has changed since I started Matched Betting.

Matched Betting involves betting on all outcomes. If the bet wins, you win. If the bet loses, you win! You can’t physically lose money!

Gambling is betting on one result, but by matched betting we cover Home Win, Draw AND Away win (if that’s the market we bet on!) so there is absolutely no way you can lose money. I have attached some below links from some credible sites with their recommendations. As well, I have attached an example of a Sign Up offer, if you are confused at this point not to worry as you can read here for The beginners guide to matched betting

Can You Show Me an Example?

Below is a brief example of how to execute a matched bet.

  •  Sign up at a bookmaker, depositing the required amount.
  •  Use the Oddsmatcher tool to find the perfect bet and the EasyCalculator to tell you how much to lay. Place the lay bet and you will then unlock the Free Bet.
  • Repeat the same process with the now unlocked FREE BET, find the best profit and lay what the calculator tells you to.
  • Wait until the game has finished and withdraw your profits!



what is matched betting


As you can see, after placing the qualifying bet you have actually lost £1.10. However, this is because you have to lose a tiny margin to be able to redeem the free bet, you are never going to end at a loss overall, and 99% of the time the losses will be under £1!

Sometimes it comes as straight up money which is fantastic, but as we make money regardless I’m not too bothered about how they give it!

Using the free bet given, we set the calculator to free bet mode, and it tells us exactly what to bet on & exactly how much to stake.

As you should see in the picture, I chose Villarreal to win at 6.4, laid them at 6.6 and returned a total of £18.48 RISK FREE.


The process of turning these free bets into real cash has been recommended by The Guardian, The Times and by Martin Lewis at his Money Saving Expert website.




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matched betting review
The Guardian – Matched Betting Review


This Sounds Too Good to be True, Why?

I admit, this does sound like an unmissable opportunity, but that is because IT IS! Matched Betting is a concept that not everybody understands, although it is available for everybody over the age of 18! There are certain people who seem to think that the process of turning a free bet into Profit is illegal, or fraud, but this really isn’t the case! Read below for input from Paddypower and William Hill, if it was illegal surely they wouldn’t allow it?


So what is at Risk?

This whole concept is risk free. There is no tension that you get when gambling, no praying that a team can hold that 2-1 lead!

It takes away all doubt and adds a great relief that you are making money on that event, regardless of the result..

If you are taken under my wing, I will ensure you stay on the Matched Bet Pathway. With my mentoring I ensure gambling won’t creep in!

Is This Legal? What do bookmakers think?

Matched Betting is 100% legal, risk free and tax free. It is not a ‘new’ concept, Matched Betting has been around for around 6 years now.

Bookmakers such as Paddy power and William Hill have previously been on the radio regarding matched betting, although they don’t like members taking value from it, you are perfectly safe! These are two of the main bookmakers we profit from so it’s great to hear!
How do I find offers and learn to Matched Bet?
Please continue to read the matched betting guide, where I will be updating regularly with all tips how to matched bet. It can be very difficult to find offers on your own and I subscribe to a Matched Betting ‘service’, which you can read about  below!

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  1. I was skeptical at first thinking this site being ‘betting’ would be Male only, how wrong I was!

    i chat with plenty of ladies on there who also matched bet, you dont even need matched betting knowledge to actually make money! thanks for my opportunity xx

    1. Jane, that’s correct it really doesn’t matter what gender, we are all here to make money 🙂

      Happy Matched Betting.

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