Advanced Matched Betting Techniques

Am I advanced?

Firstly, Welcome to my Advanced Matched Betting Guide. This may be a question you are asking yourself currently. I class Advanced stages to be one where you have completed the majority, if not ALL of the sign-up offers and are ready or have begun reloads. Now, you will be sitting on roughly £2,200 profit dependant on if you are able to retain these profits and in a great position. If not, cool you have spent them on something worthwhile, I did the same! I spent £3000 of my first £3900 I earnt on a better computer, presents to keep the other half happy and spontaneous holidays.

Now as you are advanced, you will be looking into the ‘reload’ section and seeing all these offers posted. Some may be a little different to normal, in the sense of you are given money to spend in a casino, or bingo, but the important thing to note is you are given instructions for everything! I now feel very comfortable letting my girlfriend place a back and lay bet, and she still doesn’t even understand how matched betting is risk free!

Many users who I speak to who are Matched betting independently, complete the signup offer and then think they are done with that bookmaker. Wrong, Wrong, Wrong!

Bookies want you to return, placing your hard earned money on a selection where the odds aren’t in your favour, and they will love you for it! To attract you in and to take your money, they will offer you constant reload offers, which are offers and promotions we can take advantage of! See my blog here for just how great these are!

It may be worthwhile to buy a cheap phone, I grabbed a Alcatel OneTouch for £20 just for matched betting. I will go over the needs and must haves a little later down this page!

How can I disguise myself as a punter?

In this section I will describe being a punter, bets placed to look like a punter are called Mug Bets.

The benefits of disguising as a punter are insanely profitable, you will get sent more and more offers the worse you look! It sounds crazy, but if a bookmaker can offer a silly punter bet £50 get £50, there is good chance that even if the £50 free bet wins, you will be giving it back to them! To maintain and raise a punter profile I use 5 Key techniques:

Never Arb! 

Arbitrage is a way to make guaranteed profit from an outcome. This generally occurs when a price has lowered on the exchange, but the bookmakers traders are a little slow to update. A handful of these may be ok, but generally they aren’t worth it Long-Term and the bookmakers would soon know you are using software to find your bets. These arbs are generally Low-tier tennis, high odds horses 50-1 etc or games in the Argentina B division, not a game where even a punter would be staking £50!

Speculate, to Accumulate! 

Accumulators. These are the punters be all, and end all! The reason to wake up on a Saturday, chasing the £200,000 accumulator win which only cost £0.50p to bet on! Before heading to the pub to drown your sorrows. ”Next week is my week”. Forget That. 

I strongly advise you to place small stakes accumulators, I use around £10 a week total betting on accumulators on various bookies. They are a sure fire way to make a bookmaker love you, and you may even win an accumulator bet! There’s no rush to use £10 a week to begin with, dedicate a small percentage of your profits to keeping bookmakers happy, and it will really pay off in the long term!

It’s a MUGS game!

There is nothing bookmakers like more, than a punter willing to put £50 on Man Utd at 1.33 odds. There’s no value in it for you, risking so much to win £11 profit, and the bookmakers have laughed all the way to the bank. If you win, they know you are only going to lose it on your next upcoming bets! There is Zero value betting on low-odds favourites, this is why we do this often! Remember we are laying all of our bets (other than the accumulators) so we aren’t going to lose £50 if Man Utd do lose! More like 15-20 pence!

Bet on your personal favourite

Choose the team you personally follow, and bet on them week in week out. This will include minimal losses and also build up a strong profile you follow your team through the highs and lows. Ensure you are laying these bets though, to cut out any losses!

Challenge Bets – £5-£100, £10-£500 Etc

This is something I do when I have had a good month of £1500+ profit. A challenge bet, start with £5 or £10 and keep going until you hit a certain figure! Using your winnings from the previous bet, it can soon mount up and if you have some football knowledge it can even end with some tidy profit!

Ensuring you are organised

Now I will go through exactly what I do to keep on top of things. Profit Accumulator give you all the tools for bet tracking, including the Ultimate Matched Betting Spreadsheet which details all open bets you have, all settled bets, balance with each bookmaker and even your bank balance! It takes a bit of maintenance, but if you can spend 5-10 minutes a day it will let you stay perfectly on top!

Mobile Phone – You will receive multiple offers and promotions send via mobile. These can get annoying, and some of them may not be worth the effort. This means it may be beneficial to buy a cheap phone, mine cost only £20 and it does all the tricks of opening the text message and retrieving the bonus code! This is a small cost long term, and will ensure your phone doesn’t blow up with offers when you’re in the 3pm meeting at work! I even purchased Ipad Mini Pro 2’s, as these are small and very handy items to have!

I would personally say that its a little easier and quicker to use a tablet, laptop or PC – however once you’ve learned the process it can be done on your phone, and there are plenty of mobile tools available!

Skrill – You can signup for Skrill Here,  which is very much like Paypal, but for bookmakers! Payments are more or less instant, the longest you’ll be waiting is 4-8 hours for the smaller bookmakers. This ensures you don’t miss an offer, and can move money around at your will.

Pen and Paper – My daily actions are all noted down on a notepad, for me to then enter in on the spreadsheet at a later date. This may be a night when there’s few offers, and you can really focus on the house-keeping aspect. It also helps with the football reloads too, as I can see when to lay a game etc, as well as track if my mug bet accumulator has won!

How Much Money Can You Make?

Simply making an account with each of the bookmakers and using their free bets will make you over £2000 richer. Continually using their ongoing promotions for existing customers on a regular basis can easily make you between £1000 – £2000 a month, depending on the number of hours you spend on it.

I personally make £1850 monthly on average from the last 6 months, but I only put in 90 minutes per night, missing out on many offers such as First GoalScorer Offer, Bore Draw, Sharpshooter & The most profitable of all: Accumulators! I must miss out on £1000-£1500 worth of offers!

Can this be done on Mobile or Tablet?

Each bookmaker has a mobile site or an app that can be downloaded for Android or iphone, allowing you to do matched betting on your mobile phone.

I would personally say that its a little easier and quicker to use a tablet, laptop or PC – however once you’ve learned the process it can be done on your phone, and there are plenty of mobile tools available!


Where Can I get Started?

It may seem very intensive learning this at first, but if you stick to the tutorial videos and do your bets you will blitz £250 a week. This matched betting guide is to help you become more familiar and confident to potentially earn a living from, so it’s worth spending time learning!

There’s a couple of websites out there that teach you the concept of matched betting in return for a monthly or one off payment. I’ve tried and reviewed a few of them, the best of which is Profit Accumulator. I’ve written a review of Profit Accumulator over here. You can read about how I’ve been using it to make a regular £1000+ each month since becoming a platinum member.

A matched betting guide to teach you the process of matched betting is here. Go to the ‘Join’ page and chose ‘Free Trial’. You will receive free video tutorials and all you need to start of your journey!

  • You Do not Pay a thing
  • No forms or payment details required to fill in.
  • Full Walkthroughs, video and written tutorials.
  • Very easy way to make money!
  • You’ll make £45 profit just by learning the process on the two websites that are shown to you
matched betting guide
I can guide you to a win like this!


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