Big Wins

It is a common thing when going through the sign-up offers that you may hit a big win, these tend to come from risk-free casino offers where bookmakers generously give you £x free to spend! Many users have won big and I myself was on the winning side of a £3580 Slot win just last Friday, from a £1 spin on 32red! I also have images of other users wins, some quite astronomical with the largest win I have seen is £16,700 Jackpot win on Ladbrokes with just a 20 pence stake!

I hit a £3500 bonus on Christmas Eve, which has really motivated me to push the £20,000 barrier in 2016. I aim to go on a Safari tour and I have just had the offer on my first house accepted, so it seems the good times are to come!

Not all bets require using the profit accumulator calculator, as you will see below when you are given free money to spin in the casino, it’s very simple. It’s also very nice to walk away with a large sum of money!

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