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Welcome to my Matched Betting Blog, where I aim to help you to grasp an understanding of the Matched Betting Offers. I will post up previous expired offers, fully reviewing them and stating whether I would recommend our not to my followers. NOTE, I cannot include all offers, so will be posting a range of offers.

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 Register here for free Forum access & earn £500 every month! April 9th – The Most Popular Horse Race of The Year – The Grand National Guaranteed Profit - £170-£3300

Please forgive me for the wide profit estimation. This is based on the type of offer which is available for the grand national. All punters are guaranteed £125 completely risk free by placing a bet on the grand national. If your horse loses, you’ll be refunded, super simple!

The reason for the large estimations are that the bookmaker is also paying an extra place, meaning if the horse you pick manages to finish 5th, both your back and lay will win! Depending on the odds you CAN earn up to £3000 on this, but only £170 can be guaranteed.

Grand national free bet

March 20-31st – The Biggest Week Of My Life MORTGAGE - £117,500

I have been off the boil recently, as I have had to spend all my time moving into my new house. I am sorry to all viewers of this blog, I see that I have over 25,000 followers now, so I have to apologise for neglecting the blog. However, I have a good reason as I have been really busy painting, and setting my all new office up. Pictures will follow!

I had a great week at Cheltenham and it put me in a great position for extra finances during the move.

March 15-18th – Just quite the biggest week for Matched betting! Guaranteed Profit - £1800

Wematched betting blogll, I haven’t been very active recently on this matched betting blog as I have been preparing for the Cheltenham Festival. This has been very time consuming but it really has been worth it. In the run up to Cheltenham 2016, with bookmakers really competing well for your services.

I have been buried deep with offers such as:

bet £100 in the run up to Cheltenham and receive £20 per day.

Bet £250 on day 1 and receive £50 per race for day 2.  Guaranteed £200 profit

Place a bet on every race and if it loses, get a free bet matching the stake! This equates to free money, as we can use special tools meaning we make money regardless!

Combined with the crazy price boosts that have been given every day, I have walked away from Cheltenham with £1890 profit! Not to mention I am writing this before the final day has kicked off!

Aswell as the offers above, over 15 bookmakers have offers on, Free bets if finishing first, second or third. We can again, guarantee a risk free profit from any such offer.

Now I may go quiet again for a few days, as I have just put a deposit down on my house and will be moving in, as well as placing ‘Mug Bets’ so the bookmakers stay keen on me!





All Offers are available through the service I subscribe to, and you are given full instructions and help at all stages. to read the review click here


Thursday 18th February – The Return Of The In-Play Offer – Guaranteed Profit - £41.10

The Bet365 King of In-play bets have returned with a fantastic offer, Bet £50 and receive £50! Now, usually I would guarantee a profit from this, and having calculated I would be able to extract £41.10 from the free bet. However, I am going to go for it! A No-Risk Punt at a Barcelona thrashing. Comment in the comments on a correct score, I am thinking 3-1 or 4-1! I hope you are following and enjoying my matched betting blog, so time after time I plan to let the community decide on a correct scoreline!

b365 offer


Thursday 18th February – The Day The Postman Sent me an offer! – Guaranteed Profit - £44.30

I got home today and received some great news through the post. I saw BetWay on the envelope and expected it to be an Identity Verification form. I had won £220  in the casino area from a risk free offer so I can understand why they did this. However, it was more good news for this month, a £50 free bet! All of this as a thanks for ‘betting’ with them. Very happy at this, as it adds another £44.30 to the monthly profits. I have added a profit tally at the top for this month, and will be adding one on the bottom as an archive, but please not I cannot post every offer I complete. Therefore, If you were to add the totals from every offer I describe, there will be discrepancies with my total figure.   For everyone I am mentoring, you will have full access to all offers posted, plus the fact I will have already told you how to go about doing them 


Wednesday 17th February – Enhanced Sign Up Offer – Estimated Profit - £10-£80

I was given fantastic odds today on Real Madrid to beat Roma. It was a fresh sign up offer for me, but as I have had a good month so far, I opted to lay £10 (my stake) so I would be at a £0.00 Loss if Real Madrid were to draw or lose, but if they were to go on and win (they did!) I would net £70 Profit! If this month is anything to go by, I cannot seem to lose!

I also got offered £10 Live Blackjack, lose and I get refunded. I must add I bust out on 22.

Boo! Refund tomorrow.

rm boost


Tuesday 16th February – Bet £50 Get £50 In-play – Guaranteed Profit - £38

As the champions league is back on our screens, we were sent an offer from the best bookmaker around. Bet £50 and get £50 free to use. Easy money. Just the classic strategy of backing and laying, no funny business involved keeps me in the money this month, well on to pass £2000 Profit.


Saturday 13th February – £100 Free Bonus (Quite High Wagering!) –  NO Risk Attempt - £100+

This was an offer I did because I was pretty bored! After finishing all other offers saturday morning and then taking the dog a walk I thought, eh why not I may win big! That is exactly what I did with this offer, although very tedious playing through on the old classic card game of Blackjack, I managed to walk out with just over  £700 PROFIT 

It has made this weekend an amazing one, after getting lucky on the £20 bonus on Friday I have now turned over £1300 in total this weekend! I hope this Matched Betting Blog is helpful for you when matched betting and I am keen to see your comments!

matched betting blog


Friday 12th February – £20 Risk Free Casino Bonus  – NO Risk Profit - £140

I had to work late on Thursday, and when I arrived home I couldn’t be bothered in all honesty to do anything! I also thought, after last nights win I am not in need to earn my £36 a day target. When I saw the £20 Casino Bonus offer popup on my phone, I sort of had a feeling it was going to be good. However, I never expected what I won, which was just under £500! Unfortunately, my girlfriend was in my office while I dropped this bonus round, and instantly started looking for holidays. The money has been spent as soon as received, but hey its a free holiday!

Matched Betting Win


Wednesday 10th February – Sign Up Offer Completed & £10 Casino Risk Free – Estimated Profit - £140

A simple sign up offer, matching 100% to what I deposit. I decided to Deposit £100 and placed a bet on Man Utd to beat Sunderland. The beauty of this concept is that I don’t have to wait till tomorrow to see if I have won. I know i’ve guaranteed £89 RISK FREE. I then completed a casino offer where I was given £10 to spend, any profits I keep. I walked away with £51 in profit from this one, a great end to the night!


Tuesday 9th February – Price Boost – Liverpool to score next vs West Ham. Guaranteed Profit - £6

This was a very simple offer, Liverpool were 1-0 down to West Ham and an offer popped up at half time. BOOSTED ODDS OF 3.0 for Liverpool to score next. This was great for 15 seconds work. Log in to bookmaker, log in to exchange, place £20 on boosted odds, use calculator to find how much to lay, then enter stake and press Lay on exchange bet. Complete. £6 profit for clicking less than 8 times on your mouse!

Monday 8th February – SKY BET £5 Bet Club.   Potential Profit - £4

Sky Bet decided to send me a £5 loyalty bet, as they do every single Monday. This is because I staked £40 in the week, it’s a great offer and they are one of the bookmakers that really reward you for using their site.  Potential profit being only £4, but this offer alone would more or less pay for your profit accumulator membership if you opted to join!

As Sky are generally great to me, I normally do just put a long-shot accumulator on with this £5 Free, it’s a free shot at winning big and it would keep them happy!


Monday 8th February – £20 Free Virtual Offer.    Potential Profit - £20-£240  

 Profit Accumulator posted up an offer where you had £20 Free to spend on the virtual sports. This £20 was to come out of your own funds and refunded if you were to lose. The odds had to be evens to qualify for the refund. I chose ‘Chelsea Pensioners’ at 3.1 decimal odds, and the rest was history! Over £40 profit from watching a Cartoon game of football, 2-3 minutes ‘work’!

In another Match, ‘Arsenal Red’ were playing against ‘Berkshire Blues’, and the blue were priced at a tasty 9/1. One person I am mentoring decided to punt on this, as it is a RISK FREE chance to earn big money! The underdogs won 3-0, and my friend won £180! He sets a goal of £250 a week so he could put his feet up now for the rest of the week.



End Of January 2016 – Total Profits – £1170



End Of December 2015 – Total Profits – £1405 


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