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The Key Aspects of Matched Betting – The Matched Betting Tools

Here I will give a description of the main Matched Betting Tools available, and describe why they are so important. As I pay for a service, SEE HERE, I get these Matched Betting tools included in my membership. They save me so much time and ensure I am much more efficient. As I run matched betting as a ‘business’, efficiency is everything!

The Betting Exchange

The Betting Exchange is where online gamblers bet against eachother, no bookmaker in charge with an ‘upper edge’. This is one of the trickiest concepts of Matched Betting so feel free to re-read, make notes or contact me for assistance!

Where with a Stock or a Commodity, you have the option to ‘buy’ or ‘short’ a stock, you can Back or Lay an outcome. I will go through an example to help.

Its the Champions League Final, Barcelona vs Bayern Munich. Many people are betting on Barcelona to win, but some would be on Betfair betting AGAINST Barcelona winning. To bet Against Barcelona winning means they would need either a Draw or a Munich win for their bet to win. They are betting AGAINST it to happen.

  • Betting on something to happen – reffered to as a ‘back’ bet. Backing it to win.
  • Betting on something NOT to happen – ‘Lay’ bet – Betting it WILL NOT WIN.

The company that runs the betting exchange therefore makes money from charging a commission on a winning bet.

The two main exchanges are Betfair and Smarkets, I prefer smarkets as they charge less!

The Bookmaker

You’ll probably know all about bookmaker or ‘bookies’ as they’re more commonly known. Without doubt they take your money. The odds are setup in a way which they have the upper edge. By offering lower odds than the expected outcome causes this. Bookmakers are setup to take a Gamblers earnings!

Only 2% of gamblers are successful long term, but that’s not something to worry us. Whether we win the bet or lose the bet, we are making money!

There are over 100 bookmakers available, so the potential for the sign-up bonuses is really exciting!

A bookie will rely on a silly punter, gambling £20 on a 10-Team accumulator which has no chance of coming in! To keep punters interested, they will run many promotions of which we will exploit the profits of!

There will always be bookie offers for us to make money from. They won’t ever stop as its such a competitive business. Just in the same way that supermarkets run special offers to compete for your custom. Matched betting will always be a way to make money each and every week of the year.

The Odds Matcher

This tools ensures that we find what to bet on in an instant, and saves a lot of time! This is essential as it means we can do multiple bets in the time it would take to find one good match without the tool! As well as this, we are able to maximise returns as it is setup to find most profitable (Red Boxes)

Again, it might all sound confusing but it’s really not. Just take your time, have a good read and don’t panic. We’ve got you covered. I am all but an email, call or Whatsapp message away!

The Calculator

The other tool we use is a very straight forward calculator online. We enter the odds of a sporting event, and it tells us how much money we need to place and how much profit we’ll make.

As I mentioned, we like to be quick, efficient and to maximise our profits. The calculator does exactly that for us.

We don’t take risks and we don’t gamble. The calculator is what helps the simple system work to perfection.

  • Note – The below oddsmatcher snippet is out of date so the data on there can be disregarded, it’s just to show you how this works.
  • As the Oddsmatcher ratings are all in RED and over 100, it shows an instant profit situation, known also as an Arb.

Without doubt, these Matched Betting Tools ensure I maintain maximum profits, and have much more time to tackle even more offers!

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