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I have been Matched Betting for around two and a half years, independently finding offers and making around £200-£300 per month. I thought I was on a secret loophole the world didn’t know about. This is the reason for my Profit Accumulator Review.One night when tracking offers down I came across an advertisement for Profit Accumulator, more or less promising upwards of £2000 per month using the same strategy. 11200 members, what had I been missing?Very intrigued, I decided to sign up and see just how this much money can be exploited!


How Does Profit Accumulator Work?

The concept behind Matched Betting is very simple, but very time consuming if you do this independently. This is where Profit Accumulator make it ridiculously easy for us!

Profit Accumulator guarantee risk free cash which is offered from Sports betting, casino and bingo sites. When you register you are given a plan, starting from beginner offers and moving upwards to the more advanced, higher profit ones. With all the tools to tell you what to stake, written videos and walkthrough guides, it couldn’t be easier to make Risk Free Money.

Although we are placing bets, we are not gambling as we lay these off at the exchange. See the Advanced guide here for more.

When we lay our bets – we are essentially saying that it won’t happen (betting against it). To lay Man United means you want the opposite team to win, or a draw. But as you back Man Utd with the bookmaker, you cover all outcomes.

From your first bet you will always more or less break even, and the profit will always come from the free money you are given. There are instances where you may make a profit on the qualifying bet, which adds to the profit pot!

Profit Accumulator is widely known as a risk free way to make tax free money. When you follow the Training and Guides given by Profit Accumulator, that statement is 100% Correct!

You don’t require any trading knowledge, special I.T skills or a mathematics degree to make money from Profit Accumulator. I can’t stress just how easy they have made it for you to make money, as long as you have a smartphone, laptop or a computer with an internet connection you’ll be up and making easy money within five minutes or less!

The profit with Profit Accumulator doesn’t finish when you have completed the sign up offers either. Although these are the easiest offers available, bookmakers will also send regular emails enticing you to bet with them, in addition to running nationwide promotions such as ‘Bet £50 Get £50 FREE’ ( believe me when you sign up, you will realise just how much we love this little gem!).

What offers should I expect?

A Matched Bet – £50 get £50 or similar.
Casino Risk Free Cash – Spin £10 on the slots and if you aren’t in profit, we will give you the money back tomorrow or similar
Virtual Bets – You can bet on Virtual Speedway, Football, Horse Racing or GreyHounds, Stake £20 and if you lose get £20 tomorrow or similar.
Free money – During an advent promotion Christmas 2015 I was also given £25 straight withdrawable, very nice!
Bingo – Wager £10 on Bingo tickets and get £30.
I have attached a list of roughly half of SIGN UP offers provided by Profit Accumulator. You will make over £2000 from signing up alone to this system.

I have read enough, Get me started now! Click here!


When I joined it was £17.99, but has been increased recently as Profit Accumulator has now been upgraded (due to all the demand having over 12,000 members) to its very own dedicated forum. This is much more efficient as you receive Notifications pushed to your device, PC, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile, enabling you to take full advantage of every offer!

Additional to this, full video walkthroughs have been added for every offer, meaning you won’t be alone at any point!

Offers are sorted by default using the ‘Star Rating’ system, the top rated will be showing at the top so you can tuck into those first! There is also access to upcoming offers, so you can plan in the diary when you will need to be sat at the computer. It also allows for better money management and makes you more organised in general.

My honest opinion is that you should join Profit Accumulator as soon as possible! To pay a company £22.99 for a service to make me thousands is an absolute bargain!

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My Records so far:

In March ’15 I joined Profit Accumulator, and I thought it would be inspiring to note down my largest wins with pictures and a slight description where necessary!

Completed Majority of the Sign-Ups in my first month, bringing home £650! I thought this was fantastic at the time, but following months proves this was not so good after all!
In the second month I was fortunate enough to have some great slot wins, totalling £865 for the month
£870 in April when I moved onto ‘existing’ customer offers, also known as reloads. I also took a week off and went to Paris on a short week break.
£2080 in May – Completing advanced sign up offers and mixing some reload offers aswell meant this was my record month to date.
£980 in June – A slight dip in profits, but it was end of football season (and I took a sneaky week away in the Lake District)
£1000 in July – William Hill sent me £5 to play slots and I turned this into a whopping £470! It meant I could also take a step back and prepare for the new football season.
£1600 in August! Back to normal, Bookmakers are fighting for your custom and with that the promotions are everywhere!
My profits really increased when the football season came back, this is largely down to me learning about accumulators!

That is an astronomical sum of money, considering that it’s not hard to earn! I’m sat at my computer, I don’t have to do any maths, just click a few buttons! However, I deserved my two holidays!

Is My Money At Risk?

The first thing I must mention is that Matched Betting is not gambling. Your money is never at risk as I have tried to show with the examples.

It can be very hard to understand initially, as you are actively placing bets! However, there is no cause for concern as you have covered all outcomes possible!

Profit Accumulator have dedicated staff who find offers, test them and ensure they are profitable. They will then push these offers out onto the forum with precise, clear instructions on how to tackle the offer. Along with the instructions you get a walk through video, to help you out at all points. To take advantage of offers you would be using the tools given in the membership, Odds matcher, Calculator and Dutching Sheet if necessary to guide you to your profits. Further to this, I am mentoring new members and will be available to answer any questions you may have!

I will also be offering mentoring help for any queries you may have.Try before you buy and make £40 here! > CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR THE FREE TRIAL.Although I had Matched Bet prior to taking up a membership, I was very Sceptical at seeing a website charge for such a service, so I thought I would sign up to the free trial and take a look around from here. I made £41 from the Free Trial, and I was so impressed I immediately signed up and haven’t looked back!

Bookmakers are aware Matched Betting exists, and although William Hill and Paddy Power have expressed on TalkSport they are fine with matched betting existing, generally bookmakers may frown upon matched betting and try to make it harder for you to withdraw the ‘free money’ by making you wager it multiple times. However with special spread sheets and calculators that are custom-made, Profit Accumulator has really made it very easy for you to make your money!


Why can’t I do this independently?

Matched Betting is not restricted to Profit Accumulator. Anybody can do this, but you would have to be fairly good at finding matches and then calculating what you should be staking in total. From personal experience, I signed up for £17.99 for two months, cancelled my membership trying to save as much as possible.. being really TIGHT! I didn’t realise just how hard it was to find offers, yet alone calculate profitability! I was in a real mess, trying to save £18 when I was making £1500 a month was my only mistake I have made to date, and I soon returned to Profit Accumulator, paying £22.99 from a price increase which had been applied. I now pay £5 more per month, but I couldn’t be without Profit Accumulator.

You aren’t only being sent offers for the £22.99, you get access to:

Beginner, Advanced and Reload offers. These are the main stays, the money earners!
Calculator – this is an advanced calculator not like a simple calculator. You don’t do any sums, just input the odds of the bet and it will tell you exactly what to stake, and what Profit you are going to make.
Forum – you are given tips and advice, help regards to training and learning how to make more money. You get sent instant notifications of when a new offer is posted, or to a thread you are interested in. You can sort it by popularity, so you can see what the majority of members are chatting about. There is no way to miss out on any offer, meaning maximum profits!
Training – there are multiple training areas with specialist help you will not receive elsewhere. Tailored to the best way you would like to do the offer, it really cannot be easier. With Training videos, guides and assistance available, you will become a pro in little time!
Oddsmatcher – This is the main tool for making your money. It tells you exactly what to bet on, and accompanied with the calculator it tells you what to stake. This is very in-depth but simple to understand, telling you the League to bet on, the time the game starts and what market you need to be placing your bets on. They are organised by a rating system, with the highest being the biggest money makers!
MENTORING – I am creating a Matched Betting mentor group, where I will be guiding you to making profits. You will be eligible if you sign up for Profit Accumulator using the sidebar link or the Sub-Heading tab. I will give 1-to-1 support as well as running group advice, and I will be by your side until you are confident to be making your money without my assistance. Or until you get fed up of me! I am making a great sum of money from Matched Betting, at the age of 21 I am able to consider Matched Betting full time. I want to mentor to hear your success stories!

Sign Up offers –

This Is Surely a Scam… Free Money?

I can genuinely tell you, as a paying member myself that Profit Accumulator is not a scam.
It is an official website you sign up to and the offices are based in Nottingham City Centre and Covent Garden, London.
Since Profit Accumulator began helping users make risk free money, more than 26,000 members have joined (whether the free trial only or paid to become a Platinum member)

I have had a keen eye on making money online since I was at Secondary School, I was initially interested in Trading Stocks or even Trading Football markets, but I wanted to eliminate the risk aspect from any future ideas. It was there I came across Matched Betting, there was nobody claiming if I sign up I’ll have a Lamborghini Gallardo in two weeks. The targets are realistic and great sums of money, but won’t ‘make you a millionaire’ as scams seem to tell you!

Why Should I Choose Profit Accumulator

Free Trial – You are offered a Free Trial to try Matched Betting for the first time, where you are given all the tools to make £40. This is intended to kick off your first few months of Profit Accumulator Matched Betting. But there is nothing stopping you from taking the profits and running with the £40.
No Contract – You aren’t in a contract for x amount of time, if you only want to complete the free trial and leave with the £40 profit you are free to do so. I must say not many members do this, as they get hooked on the profits!
“If you decide at any point during the first 30 days that matched betting is not for you and you haven’t made a profit, I will give you your money back, with no objections.” This statement is taken directly from their mission statement.
I mentor a user that has had to cancel his membership due to travelling the world (With his profits!!!) He was allowed to cancel without fuss, although not requesting any refunds as he made £16000 in a year, so i’m not sure he would be eligible!
Click here to Join before the Price rises!


I have mentioned earnings of £1500 per month easily accessible to you, the truth is if you take action now and sign up it can all be yours!

You weren’t the first person to be cautious and visit this website to read my Profit Accumulator review, and you won’t be the last. You can search the internet but you won’t find a profit accumulator review that is negative, it has changed my life for the better and I am concluding this trying to help you.

Of those people that have joined, not a single one has regretted it and decided to leave. I think that speaks for itself. Join the free trial and make the £45. Then go sign up for the monthly membership.£22.99 a month is nothing when you’re earning £2000 a month like me. And that’s on top of my 40 hour full time job.

Would you pay £22.99 to earn Thousands every month? I do!

Start Making Free Money and Sign up now!

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  1. Great article. This has helped me this Christmas, enabling me more time to spend with my family as I didn’t have to do overtime.

    currently at £1500 profit around 50 days in, loving the mentoring offer too!

    1. A few members are matched betting full time, who knows in a few months when you master the money making refunds you may be in a position to have more money AND time with the family!

      Good luck!

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